10 Ways To Rent A Car Without Spending More Money

Renting a car is a common thing nowadays. But it is confusing too. Sometimes it’s frustrating, and it’s always expensive. These high prices got us crazy as we have to expand our budgets because of this. So, this time we have come up with some tips and tricks to help you to save more than 50% on car rentals and can make your trip better. With these tips, your car renting experience will become a pleasant one for sure.

  • Deny the insurance: – Maybe watching at this point you would think that we are talking all rubbish. Yeah! We know you always want to be covered. You can book a rental car with your world MasterCard or any card with visa signature. And if you are not sure about the insurances your credit card offers, you can call your credit card company directly to clarify the matter. And the best part is if you are renting your car internationally using your credit card, the insurances you get from the card become primary insurances. So, you will be covered again.
  • Say NO to GPS: – Use your mobile GPS rather than taking a GPS service that the rental company offers. You are not living in the 20th century. You are not going to drive with a map in hand. So, do not get the GPS service from the car rental company. Use your mobile’s map function instead. You can also avail this service while renting internationally. Instead of paying up to$13 daily for GPS, buy a new SIM card that will help you to access your own mobile GPS. In most of the countries, you can get great data plans in between $13 to $15 that will help you to check and reply to your emails, check navigation and even Facebook too.
  • Fill up where you get it the cheapest: – You never the prices of petrol. So, safety first, does all the homework when you have time. There are countries like Spain and Portugal where the price of the gases is high. So, use your internet, do some researches and *fill up where you get it the cheapest*.
  • Always check the actual car rental websites: – Always check the actual car rental search engines to know the decent ranges of rental cars. But make sure you check the actual websites. Because sometimes you may end up paying more with the search engines and less if you book from the websites. Do little research, spend a few more seconds to save yourself a nice amount of money. Especially when you’ve planned a long-term rental.
  • Avoid airport pickups: – Airport pickups can be expensive. So, avoid them. Choose a secondary location for pickup. Especially when you’re in one of those big cities, you can always get public transport. So, choose wisely. Avoiding a bit of luxury can get you a nice lunch before kickoff.
  • Return the car full always: – The car rental companies play their biggest scams here. They will charge you a lot of money for gas than the gas station. So, you would have to pay a tremendous amount of money to fill the tank. Do not ever agree to pre-pay for the gas. Although this service will keep you a tank up front if you’re not returning it empty you won’t make anything out of it. So, choose the “return on full” option and always make sure you did so.
  • Make sure to check some websites to get some bonuses on car rentals from different companies: – Again get back to your computer table. There are a lot of websites over the internet which offers different bonus(es) from different car rental companies. So, check them, avail your bonuses and get some free miles. You can use Enterprise Car Club discount codes for great deals and offers.
  • Rental companies keep offering discount codes frequently, grab one: – Yeah, the rental companies always offer some discount codes on different kind of things. Google “discount codes” with the name of your rental company and get some discount codes. Then get up to 50% of discounts on different things.
  • Use hotel status to some perk ornaments: – If you have connections with some hotel chains, use the hotel status to earn some perk ornaments. For example, with gold status, a hotel can get you 25% discounts with most of the major car rental companies. Hotel statuses can earn you free perks like free GPS services and all.
  • Do not speed: – Do not ever cross the speed limits. There is nothing worse than getting an envelope from another state police after your vacation. Only then you will discover a couple of hundred dollar fine for speeding up. However, if you are not returning for a while, maybe…. Just maybe…. It’s okay to speed up a little bit.

Use these simple tricks, and you can save a good amount of money on your next road trips.

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