3 Costliest car parts which you have to replace often – How to extend their lifetime

It is never something to be enjoyed when you get a hefty bill for car repair. More so, when you find out that the mechanic has installed new parts which you had replaced few months back, it hurts! Suppose you pass your driving test when you’re 17 and then you’re able to drive till you’re 80, you will clearly spend 63 long years driving and during this entire span of time, you will have to replace few of the most expensive things in your car at least 25 times. Based on the cost and lifespan of such parts, you have to shell off around 30,435 pounds to get the 10 car parts replaced or repaired throughout the years of driving.

Let’s take a quick look at the costliest car parts that you will often require replacing throughout the lifetime of your car.

#1: Fuel filter

As per reports, you might have to change the fuel filter at least 25 times and the approximate cost that you may incur during your lifetime of driving is 1,775 pounds. What is the sign which will prompt you to replace the fuel filter? Well, the warning light named ‘Check Engine’ will be turned on at the dashboard, the engine of the car will feel rough, you will find an increased consumption of fuel and the car will be difficult to start. The filter actually prevents dirt from moving inside the fuel pump and it is natural that it will get clogged with time. Hence, it is best to replace it. You may check out https://www.bestpartstore.co.uk/electrics for more details on car parts.

#2: Flywheel

Throughout the lifetime of your car, you may have to replace the flywheel at least 10 times and the cost that you will incur for this is 7,740 pounds. If you notice the clutch to slip, if you face any issues while changing gear or if there is some kind of noise while using the clutch, you can be sure that there are problems in the clutch. This is why car experts recommend car owners to change the clutch as not doing so will cause damage to the flywheel which might then cause harm to the new clutch.

#3: Battery

Throughout the lifetime of your car, you may need to change the battery at least 13 times and you may incur the cost of 2,015 pounds in changing your car’s battery. If you find difficulty in starting the car, if the electric parts of the car doesn’t work and if you find particles of blue powder near the battery, you can be sure that it’s time to change the battery. For the Brits, it is rather beneficial as batteries survive better in cold places. If you could squeeze in all those long trips into shorter ones, this would be beneficial for the car’s battery.

Henceforth, before you set out for a trip or a vacation, make sure you have changed all the 3 above listed car parts if they had already become old and worn out. This will ensure a safe vacation.

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