3 Things to Know About Skilled Permanent Immigration Visas to Australia

Australia is a popular destination for skilled workers to migrate to from Dubai and other locations around the world. Whether you are an architect, physician, accountant, or something else entirely, there is a good chance that you have considered working on the other side of the world.

If this is the case, read on to learn three important things to know about skilled permanent immigration visas to Australia.

  1. You must find out if your skills are included in the listing of eligible occupations.

When it comes to Australian visas, not all skills are considered eligible for skilled permanent immigration visas. For this reason, you must research (by checking the Homeaffairs.gov.au website) whether or not you have a listed skill. You will find that the eligible skills often change as supply and demand is reviewed.

Each visa option has different requirements, and you will have to take a skills test administered by a related assessing authority.

  1. There are a variety of skill-based permanent immigration visas to Australia.

When it comes to skill-based permanent immigration visas to Australia, there are three options depending on your situation:

Subclass 189 or the Skilled Independent Visa: If you are under 45 years of age and are not sponsored by a family member or an employer

Subclass 190 or the Skilled Nominated Visa: If you are chosen by an Australian state or territory authority to work as a permanent resident in Australia

Subclass 489 or the Skilled Regional (Provisional) Visa: If you are a skilled worker who wants to work in an Australian region or a low population growth metropolis.

As there are a few different options (and many conditions), it is best to work with reputable immigration consultants in Dubai who will utilize their experience and expertise to ensure that you are applying and filling out the paperwork in the most effective and efficient way.

  1. You will have to show an Australian employer that you are the best person for the job.

If you are looking to obtain an Australian skilled independent visa through an employer, you will have to be able to demonstrate to the Australian employer that they need you as part of the team. This can be a scary prospect, but if you are determined to get a job overseas, you are going to have to face your fear and go for it.

First and foremost, you have to present to them your unique skills and experience. Therefore, you must get comfortable with pitching and marketing yourself and showing how and why you are different from all the other applicants. What can you deliver to the company that no one else can? Why will you be the best choice for the role?

More than just that, you need to illustrate that you are inquisitive, reliable, and hardworking. If employers are going to take a chance on you to fill a role in their firm, they want to be assured that you are going to be committed to the job and will go above and beyond concerning expanding your knowledge and abilities.

To be fair, these things are necessary when applying to any new job; however, there is something unique that needs to be demonstrated when trying to secure a position abroad, and that is your global readiness.

Many employers are hesitant about hiring from abroad because they don’t know how the candidate will fare when it comes to settling in a new country. Employers don’t want to find themselves hiring and training someone, only for the new hire to leave the role a short time later because they can’t settle into a new culture.

To prevent this from happening to you, convince a potential employer of your openness to engaging with other cultures and your ability to deal with the inevitable differences and changes that you will endure.

Have you ever looked into working abroad? Have you applied for a position elsewhere? Why or why not? Let us know your tips, thoughts, and experiences concerning this topic in the comments below!

Bevan Berning is an Immigration professional and owner of Pathway Visas, an Immigration Agency dealing mostly with skilled immigration to Canada and Australia. Bevan’s enthusiasm for the industry has kept in the Immigration field for the past seven years. Bevan is South African by birth and has been residing in Dubai for the past eight years.

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