7 Reasons to Visit Manhattan

There are plenty of reasons to visit New York, and there are more reasons to visit Manhattan. You can even make the traveling more enjoyable by just leaving your bags with a luggage storage provider. You caneasily store your luggage in midtown Manhattan. If you need reasons to visit the city, here are the top seven reasons why you should visit Manhattan.

  1. Discover Museums

Manhattan is home to museums that have great collections. You can Visit the Museum of Jewish Heritage – a Living Memorial to the Holocaust which brings the visitor back to the 1880s. It also houses pieces of contemporary art. You can also visit the National Museum of the American Indian. They hold several artifacts from the Cherokee and other American-Indian tribes as well.

  1. The Grand Central Station

Feel the rush of New York and visit the Grand Central Station. It is one of the most important contributors to the earlier years of the city. Whether catching a train or just drinking coffee at the cafes, you will surely be entertained.

  1. Be entertained at the Waterfront

Many locals go to South Street Seaport. It is one of the many historic sites of Manhattan. You can shop in well-known boutiques, watch shows at luxury theaters, and cool down in old-fashioned ice cream stores. Additionally, the port is also famous for its view of the Brooklyn Bridge.

  1. Concerts and Performances

You can watch performances and concerts in Manhattan. No matter the day or time, you will surely enjoy being in Manhattan. You can watch concerts, movie premiers, and even comedic acts as well.

  1. The City View

See one of the most iconic skylines in the world. Many of the hotels and restaurants take advantage by making the city’s view as their backdrop by having large and wide windows.

  1. A Culinary Experience

Have great food 24 hours a day. Manhattan has become one of the world’s culinary hot spots. The city offers authentic cuisine and other exotic cuisines as well. Furthermore, you can eat great food anytime because most of the restaurants and diners operate 24/7.

  1. Take a stroll at the Central Park

Central Parkis a patch of green in the middle of the concrete jungle. It is one of the most beautiful parks in the country. You can shop at the many outdoor markets in the park. You can also take part in the festivals that are regularly held there. Furthermore, you will see a lot of people enjoying picnics and jogging around the park. Central Park boasts of having over 26,000 trees. Plus, it is like having a forest that you can go to easily.

See and experience the city itself. More than 62 million tourists arrive at the local airport every year. Some of those tourists even make Manhattan their permanent home. Come and explore the city’s nightlife as well as its food. You will also get to enjoy music and immerse yourself in its culture and history.


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