A weekend in Bangalore

People have different attitudes which they define themselves with. Living in Pune and working day in and day out, you might want a beak. Well, let’s step back and consider spending some time in the beautiful of Bangalore. Bangalore displays its luxurious modern living, its charm, and alluring attractions. Due to its multicultural outlook, people from all parts of the world come here.

So, what are you waiting for? If you are wondering on how to reach Bangalore from your home in Pune, then look up Pune to Bangalore flights online, pack the essentials and come over to witness the most memorable days of your lifetime.

Here are some places which you will love visiting in Bangalore:

Located on K.R road and constructed in 1537, the Bangalore Fort started as a mud fort. KempeGowda, who was the vassal of the Vijaynagar Empire, was the founder of Bangalore and the creator of the Bangalore Fort. The fort was under the authority of Ruler Tipu Sultan but captured by the British in 1791. Today, the fort is overseen by the Archaeological Survey of India. The Bangalore fort is in ruins slightly since it was severely damaged at the time of British attack and even after that. Showing an example of Islamic architecture, the entry gate had been constructed with wooden doors with attractive motifs and carvings. There are other gates such as the Mysore gate in the South, Ulsur gate in the East, Kengeri gate in the West and few more as well. Within the fort complex, a temple of Lord Ganpati shrine is found built by Kempa Gouda around 500 years ago. Along with this, the visitor can also view the Tipu Sultan (wooden palace). Currently, visitors can see the Ganesha temple, a dungeon, Delhi gate and the ruins of the two bastions.

Another spot to visit would be the ISKCON Temple. Located in Rajaji Nagar, the architecture combines both gopuram style and glass, and therefore an ideal example of the fusion of both traditional and modern architecture. It is known to be one of the largest temples all over the world and not only in India. Over here, the principal deities being worshipped are Lord Radha and Lord Krishna. The ISKCON temple was created in 1997 to pay the birth centenary respects to the founder- Sri Prabhupada and now stands firm as one of the well-known landmarks here in Bangalore. Within the temple building, there is a lecture hall, a theatre, a Vedic museum display and an Exhibition Centre. Moreover, the shrine provides visitors with lodging facilities for convenience and offers excellent hospitality services. Along with this, the 8.5m KalashShikhara and the 17m tall flag post, wherein both are gold-plated, serve as other attractions to see.

The St. Mark’s Cathedral plays an essential role in being one of the flamboyant sites in Bangalore. Being constructed in 1808, the church was named after Saint Mark who was said to be the first gospel writer. Due to an immense amount of people occupying the church, a new building was made in August 1902. It displays prepossessing woodwork, elaborate carvings, brilliant finishing results on the domes and ceilings and detailed stained glass work.

With all that being said, doesn’t Bangalore seem like the perfect vacation spot? Then perhaps you might be checking Pune to Bangalore flights online right now.

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