Awesome Views You Shouldn’t Miss in Yukon This 2019

Yukon Territory, a vast and thinly populated wilderness has a beauty and grandeur that you need to experience to appreciate. A place rich with the First Nations culture, beautiful Northern wilds, and a gold rush history comes together to bring you the top attractions in Yukon that you shouldn’t miss out. Make time to process your Canada ETA and get lost in the wilderness.

Aside from the northern lights, there are a lot of amazing places in Yukon that you can visit. So, prepare your Canada Visa for here are the attractions that you need to visit in the Yukon Territory.

Tombstone Territorial Park

It may sound intimidating but, this park is rich in First Nations Culture and natural wonders. The remote landscapes characterized by rugged peaks and permafrost, however, make no mistake for there’s animal life everywhere. So, whether you are camping, out for a picnic or a day hike, expect to see moose, sheep, wolves, bears, and caribou.

Tombstone Territorial Park, which is located 177 miles from the Arctic Circle, is home to the First Nations Tr’ondëk Hwëch’in, whose history in the place traces back thousands of years. Everything from stone tools to hunting blinds and even cemeteries found at over 70 protected First Nations archeological and ecological sites.

Emerald Lake

A place you think you can only see in postcards. Though this is not a hub of activities, no ice fishing huts in the winter or boat rentals in the summer, and no museums on the shore to tell its fantastic history. Regardless of all that, you’ll get to see the lake, one of the most photographed destinations in all of Yukon.

The lake was carved out from glaciers some 14,000 years ago and having the mountain range as your background plus the great green water can make a genuinely picture perfect worthy to post.

Yukon Wildlife Preserve

The northern part of Canada is home to some of the most exciting wildlife in the country, and Yukon Wildlife Preserve works to keep it that way. Located 25 minutes from downtown Whitehorse, you can stop into the preserve to learn over different boreal animals and Arctic Species.

You can take a tour of the facility’s three-mile viewing loop by ski, foot, snowshoe or bus. Be camera ready and prepare to see wildlife like elks, bison and more in their natural habitats.

Takhini Hot Springs

If you want to have a nice soak in some steaming hot water, then Takhini Hot Springs is the place for you. It is a series of natural mineral hot pools located 18 miles from downtown Whitehorse. Used for centuries by local First Nations and now a commercial site all the way back in 1907.

The water’s temperature is around 107 degrees Fahrenheit making you enjoy it every season of the year regardless of the outside temperature. Takhini sit on 200 acres of land that you can explore on cross country ski or by foot.

Sign Post Forest

Watson Lake, Yukon, a place where you can see the world and where you can locate the Sign Post Forest. It is a collection of signs brought by tourist from every country you can imagine. It started in 1942 when a U.S. Soldier was repairing a signpost along the Alaska Highway and added one with the mileage and direction of his hometown in Illinois.

It took until 1990 for it to reach its tenth sign and now over 77,000 spread out over a couple of acres, an unlikely yet captivating attraction. You can bring a sign from your hometown, or you can create one at the Visitor Information Centre. Leave a mark and continue the tradition.

Yukon Beringia Interpretive Center

When prospectors looking for gold rushed to Yukon in search of their luck, they didn’t always find what they were seeking. They unearthed many remnants of the last ice age, and these are the treasure that the Yukon Beringia Interpretive Center focuses.

Beringia, an area that once occupied Siberia through the Yukon, is where the now extinct animals like the giant beaver and the wooly mammoth used to roam. You’ll get to learn about these animals and the legends and art by the First Nations at the center.


Yukon is the perfect place for outdoor enthusiasts. A place where you can enjoy magical winter nights, rich culture and nature at its finest. If you do not have an ETA yet, maybe now is the time to get your ETA Canada by visiting Have fun and enjoy the raw beauty of nature that is in Yukon.

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