Business Models of Car Rental Services and the Types of Vehicles they Offer

Different car rental agencies operate in different locations following different business models. Seasoned drivers come into terms with all of them with experience. Some private agencies provide cars outside airport terminal in their personal parking area. As these work off site they do not have facilities for car returns in other airports. In that case the driver might have to know about the local off site office well in advance. Again some airports provides central centre for rental cars which might be located in the terminal or can be reached by shuttle bus or trams. Then there are services that provide keys and paperwork to the driver who has to search for the car on his own and present the paperwork at the parking to get going. Again there are car rental agencies that park their cars in the garage of the airport and provide customers with a pass code or key card which excludes the cost of parking. Some even provide service in person who goes along the driver in search of the car and gets the form signed personally. Certain airports drop the customer next to the rental agencies while some provide service by reserving a pick up and drop off section without marking the section explicitly.

Vehicle Types Offered by Car Rental Services

Almost all agencies like provide a wide variety of options in cars depending upon the requirement of the customer. The factors on which determines are choice of cars are size and budget. Some companies provide cars according to the location. The variety ranges from SUV vans, to convertibles and prestige models. For maintaining uniformity in classification and prices, Association of Car Rental Industry Systems and Standards (ACRISS) have their own coding system. The classification is based on door count, gearbox, size, whether the car is air conditioned or not and other such factors.

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