Many people itinerant to Dubai during summer speculate whether it is possible to still do a Dubai Desert Safari. What most don’t understand is that the desert is actually cooler than the metropolis in the late afternoons and evenings. This means that it is absolutely possible to do a Dubai Desert Safari during the summer. We have also made a few changes to our desert safaris to house the increase in temperature.

The air over a desert is very dry and has very low humidity. Water vapour is the most important greenhouse gases to reasonable the earth’s temperature. Since there is so little irrigate in the desert the ground doesn’t retain its heat creation the desert cooler by up to 7 degrees Celsius at night than the shore. To make the most of being out-of-doors in the evenings, we offer astronomy as an adding to all our Dubai Desert Safari.

As the desert sands are dry and it takes longer to heat damp than air, the desert heats up fast in the morning but cools rapidly in the late afternoon. This is why we have annulled our morning tours and offer our Dubai Desert Safari in summer throughout the late afternoon and evenings.

Bedouins built their desert camps on top of sand dunes to make the mainly of the natural breeze as this has a cooling effect. Desert Safari UAE has done the same and our wasteland camp is the only one built on the top of a sand dune. We also make the most of contemporary comforts and have cooling units in our camp along with contribution cold towels.

Feel the breeze in your hair on our name Heritage Dubai Desert Safari in vintage, open-top ground Rovers. If you would favour a closed air-conditioned car to explore the desert and flora and fauna, then you can opt for this at no extra charge. You can also decide to upgrade your vehicle to a lavishness Range Rover for an additional fee.

Desert Safari UAE isprivileged to be awarded not one, but two TripAdvisor Traveller’s Choice Awarded. Established in 2012, the Travellers’ Choice awards are the highest honour TripAdvisor can bestow. These annual awards are the only journey industry awards based on millions of reviews and opinions from travellersapproximately the globe. They reproduce “the best of the best” for service, quality, and client satisfaction. The award is given according to category, from hotels and accommodations to destination, attractions, brands, and goods. Tours from well-liked tourist destinations across the Middle East were in the organization and three tours in Dubai Desert Safari were ranked in the top 10 experiences – two of these being from Desert Safari UAE.

Not merely did the two Desert Safari UAE tours characteristic in the top 10 experiences, but they were ranked in the top 4 positions. Featured next to prestigious tours like a Nile River Dinner Cruise in Egypt and a deceased Sea day trip in Israel, it is anhard to believe accolade for the Desert Safari UAE Dubai Desert Safari and Camel Dubai Desert Safari to be documented. This means that not only are these tours familiar by other travellers as two of the best in Dubai Desert Safari, but they have proven that they rise out as two of the pinnacle tours out of all tours crossways the Middle East!For more details:

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