Craziest ways to tour the Grand Canyon

Las Vegas visitors often make the trip to the Grand Canyon. An outdoor adventure makes the perfect pair after a holiday in the glamourous city of Las Vegas. Visitors can enjoy everything that the Grand Canyon has to offer after soaking up the city lights, casinos and glitzy clubs. It’s a great way to get back to nature and enjoy one of the seven natural wonders of the world.

If you’re looking to continue the adventure after your trip to Las Vegas, then read on below for the craziest ways to tour the area.

Helicopter tours over the top of it

One of the most exciting ways to see the Grand Canyon is from above is Grand Canyon helicopter ride. Helicopter tours over the area are a thrilling way to see the area and learn all about it in the process. If you’ve been living it up in Las Vegas and want to make the side trip, you’ll probably be surprised to find that it’s not actually as easy to visit as you might expect.

Most visitors are surprised to find that it’s actually quite a distance to get to the Grand Canyon and not a straight shot down the highway.

Tour operators will pick you up from most of the major hotels and shuttle you to the West Rim. A round trip visit is the perfect day trip to do on the side of a Las Vegas visit and will allow you to get a taste of everything that’s on offer in the area.

Helicopter tours are a great way to avoid the crowds and see the awe inspiring views over steep edges and cliff sides. You’ll get a view of iconic landmarks like the Hoover Dam and Colorado River.

Go skydiving

If you’re a real adrenaline junkie then a great way to do your sightseeing is from thousands of feet above the landscape in a plane, before plummeting to the Earth with a parachute strapped to your back.

This is a highly memorable and exciting way to see Grand Canyon and will allow you to reach speeds of up to 135 miles per hour, before the parachute opens and allows you to gently enjoy the descent to the ground and soak up the scenery.

It’s even possible to be picked up and ferried from Las Vegas via helicopter, making this trip quick and a very fun daytrip from Las Vegas.

Ride through it on an ATV

If you want to see the Grand Canyon from the ground level then an ATV trip is an exciting way to do it. If you like a tour guide for a bit of guidance and some great learning opportunities, but also want the chance to do some of your own exploring then riding through the park on an ATV is the perfect way to enjoy your day.

Feel like a real cowboy whizzing through the park on a motorbike.

Walk over it on the Skywalk

The Skywalk is a thrilling adventure in itself. Enjoy seeing the park through the glass floor of the bridge suspended thousands of feet above the floor of the Grand Canyon.

The bridge view is staggering and unmatchable. It might not be a drop through the air or a motorbike ride through the countryside but it’s still terrifying staring through the glass bottom of the bridge.

There’s no reason to fear though, the bridge is designed to handle an incredible amount of weight.

Drive through it with a Jeep

If you want to travel in style then try renting a jeep and driving through the countryside with the top down. This is one of the most fun self-guided ways to enjoy a trip to the Grand Canyon.

You can do guided tours as well, and even get other attractions like the Skywalk thrown in. It’s a comfortable way to see the park, but also offers to chance for off-road adventures.

Boat through the Grand Canyon

The Colorado River snakes through much of the Grand Canyon and reaches parts of the national park that can’t be seen on foot or from a vehicle.

If you want to see the national park up close and from the water then boating is a fun adventure. From the boat you’ll be able to see many of the waterfalls and some of the majestic sights on offer at the national park.

Take a personal flight over the top of it

If you have money to spare then take a personal tour over the national park. For an hourly rate you can choose your own adventure and fly over the national park to see the main sights that you’d like to see.

A personal tour through the Grand Canyon will allow visitors to determine their own itinerary and offers the freedom of choosing what to see, whilst also offering the opportunity for a knowledgeable guide and a great learning experience.

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