Enjoy New York City Spending Less Money on Attraction

You can enjoy New York City with family within a budget. NYC is looked as the most unaffordable place but this is not so. You can walk or take subway, enjoy street food, and visit during off peak season. It helps to save significantly. Tourists book food tour New York package to enjoy the famous delicacies around the city.

When to visit

January to March is the best time because due to spring breaks and post-holiday hangover the period is slow. You get good deals on accommodation. If you visit in January, especially the first week then enjoy Christmas experience. Get reservations at NYC food tours to eat those traditional Christmas recipes. In late September or first weeks of October the streets are less crowded because of Jewish High Holidays, Yom Kippur, and Rosh Hashana.

On Sundays, choose to drive around in a car because you don’t need to pay parking meters. Even enjoy visiting some of the museums for free. However, visit their websites and make sure, which are the free hours.


NYC needs to be enjoyed on foot, so pack comfortable shoes. Public transportation is extensive including buses and subways, which transport you all around the city, at economical cost. If your stay is for more than a week then buy a one-week unlimited pass. It allows you to use unlimited local bus and subway rides till midnight, so you get to enjoy the town, anytime leisurely for seven days.


Travelers enjoy the food with New York food tour but can visit the streets and food halls to eat quintessential foods like hot dogs, pizza, and bagels. These are not expensive. There are multiple Delis’ around the neighborhood, where you can grab an affordable but tasty sandwich.

Besides spending on just food and drink get outdoors and visit the public parks. Enjoy the Manhattan skyline taking a troll around the Bryant Park. High Line park, Grand Central Terminus, Rockefeller Center and Brooklyn Bridge visits are all free. Plan your routes well and spend the entire week not spending cash on attractions.

Make sure to make your food tours NYC booking on the internet and even check what more the city has to offer.

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