Four Best Seasons In Santorini

The island Santorini is the best place to visit in the globe to witness the sunset. The other touring activities that can be carried out in Santorini is enormous. But the best time to visit Santorini is summer due to the sunset closer view. The four seasons which has gathered momentum over the years are listed for your reference to decide your trip to Santorini.

  1. Octopus Season

August to October is the best time to visit Santorini to engulfing the seafood in volumes. The octopus usually caught during the end of summer will be hung in the sun to dry, and that itself has become a grand festival. The cultural events focus on grilling the octopus to have a treat to the tongue. Food lovers must visit Santorini at this time and have extravagance to both sense organs eyes and the tongue.

  1. Beach Season

Summer and beach are associated, and Santorini for its volcanic soils makes it the best place to get along with family and friends. Kamari beach is the best among the others. Perivolos and Perissa beach are continuous of one another, and the red beach stands a vow for its scenic beauty. The kid’s beach loved by all the little one is the Monolithos where they will like to make the sandcastles. Get ready with your sunglass and hats to let the sun rays do wonders on your body during your beach stay.

  1. Sailing Season

The particular season for the sailors is during the April until late October. You can swim across and sail through the sea to get rejuvenated. You can also go on a cruise sailing on a yacht. See the sea and the many places to enjoy with your family this vacation. Head on to Santorini during April May and sail your experience in the sea.

  1. Wine Making Season

Wine tastes good in Santorini due to the soli condition, and apart from that, they use a unique way to grow the vine plant. The vines are produced in the bushes and left guard the grapes. The grapes are allowed to grow completely. The Vinsanto is the best wine in Santorini, and it is dried for 14 days under the sun. This unique process is worth watching, and wine lovers must visit Santorini during August and September.

Whether you visit during any season, or even without reason it is indeed a pleasure to visit the lovely island Santorini.

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