Kofiau Island

Kofiau Island Raja Ampat is the smaller and least visited among the main Islands of Raja Ampat, the world’s coral diversity bull’s eye. This island is comprised primarily of raised coral limestone and some volcanic hills covered in low, lush rainforest, all offering a wealth of nature & beautiful scenery. If you ever wished to go where few others have been, head this way. Swimming and sunbathing on the beaches, snorkeling, diving and underwater photography in marine-rich coral reefs. Take care not to harm the coral anyplace in these areas that are more likely no-take zones. Exploration by dingy, shore hiking, beachcombing.

Take an adventurous hike into an inland lake contrary Deer Village. Hopefully, if you are lucky, somewhere on the way, you might Witness a dazzling red bird dance of heaven, or glimpse a slithering Kofiau Green tree python, or capture the flapping of passing hornbills, or hear shrieks of the crested cockatoos. To the south-west of Kofiau Proper lies a group of low-lying sandy islands, including Walo where some immersed diving spots await your exploration. There can even be more.

Get There

It can take six hours by flight from Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia to Sorong in North West Papua. You might also fly to Sorong from Bali. In Sorong, join a tour by pinisi boat from there to Kofiau, or charter a boat or a yacht from the Papua Diving Resort. Scheduled trips with full service are organized to visit the area.

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