Lodgify vs Creating Your Own Website

If you have been thinking about starting your very own vacation rental business and want a website that will help you to both markets and manage your portfolio of properties, you may well have been put off by how much it will cost for you to have one developed.

This, however, no longer needs to be a concern. Check out Lodgify Home where you can get creating your very own vacation rental website easily and at a great cost. Compared to paying the obscene amounts of a money it will take for a developer to create your website, Lodgify will give you a customizable and ready-made option that could have you up and run in no time.

Easier and Cheaper to Create

Easily the biggest reason why you would be better off using the innovative Lodgify vacation rental software for your website instead of having your own site developed is the ease and reduced costs you will be able to enjoy.

Paying for a website developer to create your website is never going to be cheap and will also be a long and drawn out process as you guide that developer through what you want. With Lodgify you can simply choose from many templates that already exist and customize it to suit your own ideas as to how your website should look.

Additional Benefits of Lodgify

The benefits of using Lodgify instead of having your own website developed do not stop with its efficiency and lower costs as there are numerous other benefits as well. Below are just some of these but you will quickly learn about many others if you do decide to make use of their vacation rental software.

  • Customer Support

As well as being incredibly easy to set up via the many different templates and other customizable options, when you use Lodgify instead of creating your own website, you will have access to a qualified and responsive support team. They will be able to help you with any and all issues that you might be experiencing or can simply answer any simple questions that you might have.

  • No need to Pay Maintenance Costs

If you have your very own website developed from scratch, you are going to have to pay for any maintenance that it will need in the future. This is both expensive and inefficient as your website could go down for various reasons and prevent you from getting any more bookings. This is not the case with Lodgify as they will ensure that your website is always maintained and up and running.

  • Mobile Friendly

All Lodgify websites are created to be totally mobile-friendly which means that your visitors will be able to view and use your website without any difficulties no matter what mobile device they are using. Creating or converting a website so that it is mobile responsive will set you back money that could otherwise have been saved if using the vacation rental software offered by Lodgify.

  • Support Multiple Languages

Imagine having to have your website developed in multiple languages so that you can market your properties to those that do not speak English. This will cost a lot of money to have your content translated and written in the languages you want to support. With Lodgify, their websites already support more than 25 different languages and you can simply choose which ones you want to incorporate into your site.

  • Easily Customizable

Everybody will have an idea of how they want their website to look and will want it to stand out from anything else. Lodgify offers countless customizable options that can be implemented quickly and at a whim. Instead of paying a developer to make any changes, you can make them yourself through a few clicks of a mouse button.

  • Built-in Checkout Software

Another benefit is that the Lodgify vacation rental software has booking software built-in that will allow potential guests to reserve and pay online for your property. They will be able to give customers a variety of payment methods and will then have your money sent to you once completed.


When comparing the Lodgify vacation rental software to the pain and expense of having your own website developed it is difficult to see any benefits at all to do the latter. Time, money and headaches can all be saved and you can instead focus on the other areas of your business instead.

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