Maximizing Your Travel Experience

There is a thin line between a traveler and a tourist with many people implying that the difference between the two is the same. However, experts in the travel industry are certain there is a difference between the two.

To them, tourists tend to stay where they are comfortable most such as sticking to big cities with convenient amenities. Travelers, on the other hand, are individuals who find comfort in moving out of their comfort zones and exploring unfamiliar and unknown territories.

The journey of a traveler can be challenging both physically and emotionally especially for transitioning tourists. However, it is definitely more rewarding and exposes one to the world and different cultures while providing a self-discovery opportunity.

Tourists can transform to travelers and still enjoy luxury hotels Bali. Follow these tips if you are aspiring to be a traveler.

  • Pack Smart

Visiting a new city or country is synonymous with buying gifts for self, family, and friends. Have enough space in your suitcase to accommodate them. This saves you from having to spend more to purchase more storage bags.

  • Be Open to Options

Regardless of where you visit, always try something new. You can try the local food or even attend some of the local cultural events held in your destination of choice. Conduct extensive research prior to your trip. This way you will be aware of any upcoming events that might interest you. You can find tangible information from reputable websites and blogs.

  • Learn the Language

Learning a new language can be a challenge especially if you are on a short vacation. You do not have to master the language as a pro. You only need to learn a few phrases. These come in handy when you need to bargain or ask for directions.

Many locals will be excited at your effort to learn their language and they will be ready to help you improve your pronunciation and learn more words. By interacting with the locals more, you get to learn more insider tips that many tourists will probably never know.

  • Carry a Good Camera

Even if you do not own one, you can borrow a good camera from friends and family. You can also rent one for reasonable amounts of money. You do not have to be a professional photographer a good camera lens will help you capture some captivating images from your holiday.

A portrait lens will help you capture the locals and architectural structures if you are holidaying in a big city. A telephoto lens, on the other hand, will help you take magnificent photos of the wildlife and the surroundings if you opt for an adventurous safari or river cruise.

If you are unable to find a great camera lens, purchase good editing applications or download some for free. These will enhance your Smartphone camera.

  • Exercise Humility and Patience

Avoid behaving in a manner likely to suggest disrespect to the culture or place you visit just because it is different from what you are accustomed to. Rather, ask, be ready to learn, and use such opportunities to influence change.

  • Try Going for Escorted Tours

An escorted tour gives you the ultimate opportunity to learn about the local culture. Each expedition is steered by a local guide and this offers you the perfect opportunity to explore the area and understand the things that make it stand out.

Additionally, many local guides assist in breaking down language barriers enabling you to communicate with the locals easily. Further, escorted tours give you an opportunity to explore the area and discover hidden treasures, culture, and traditions.

  • Have Local Currency

As much as credit and debit cards are popular across the world, it may not be accepted in certain places. Always have some amount of local currency with you to avoid inconvenience especially in eateries or while using taxis. It also gives you ample time to party without having to search frantically for ATMs for your withdrawals.


Regardless of where you go, always assume a traveler’s mentality especially if you want to get more out of your trip. Plan for a significant trip but also make room for some engaging and life-transforming activities.

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