Most Picturesque Wedding Destinations in The UK

Traditionally, weddings are about the love two people share whether in sickness or health. Today this love is further celebrated at weddings with wedding photography and there’s nothing like a picturesque backdrop inspired by a natural destination when it comes to wedding photos!

Professional wedding photographers will capture stunning photos of you and your loved one with a gorgeous natural backdrop. So if you’re planning on getting married soon and can’t seem to find the perfect picturesque destination for your wedding, keep reading.

Portmeirion, Wales

The beautiful Portmeirion beach is surrounded by endless blue water beaches, colourful structures, and lots of greenery. It has some of the most beautiful scenery one can find! There are plenty of different spots throughout Portmeirion where you will be able to capture the perfect wedding photos.

Ness Botanic Gardens, Liverpool

What better way to get married than to celebrate with Mother Nature? This amazing woodland is cared for by a team of botanists so it is sure to always look stunning. The gorgeous botanical gardens and flowers will create an enchanting backdrop for your wedding photos. With hundreds of species of plants around, we guarantee this destination to be a memorable one.

Edinburgh, Scotland

Anybody living in the UK knows Edinburgh is recognised for its scenic beauty and tranquility. There are many cost-effective and yet, beautiful locations in the suburban areas to plan your wedding. The stunning architecture will lend a beautiful backdrop to any set of wedding pictures. With so many different venues in Edinburgh to choose from, you’re sure to find one that perfectly suits the atmosphere of your wedding. Maybe you’ll even be able to wow your wedding photographer.

Tunnels Beach, Devon

As the name suggests, this is an artificially dug route towards the private beach. Situated on a cliff, this is a highly popular destination for capturing breathtaking photos. Just imagine looking back on wedding photos with a picturesque cliff in the background. You’re sure to treasure these for years to come!

Mussenden Temple, Londonderry

If you have ever wanted a royal wedding at a castle with a dramatically beautiful and impressive view, this is the place. The old architecture and stunning view will make you and your spouse feel like a king and queen.

With these top destinations you’re sure to find the perfect location for your wedding! Plus, you’ll capture stunning photos that you can your loved ones can share and look back on for a lifetime.

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