Places to Visit in Mumbai

Mumbai is the city where dreams are given birth. It known for being a financial powerhouse, fashion capital and home to Indian cinema. If you are an explorer you will surely run out of time still left with the places to explore. Everything about this city is positive, be the people in the city, their attitude towards life, the vibes here and also the cultures followed by diverse people. You explore the complete city by just hopping on a local train. Mumbai is the perfect blend of music, food, art, festivities, religions and more. You will have endless reason to book your Chennai to Mumbai Flights.

Let me take you to the best places to visit in Mumbai;

  1. Worli Seaface

Worli seaface is the best hangout place for the youth in Mumbai. It is a place to enjoy the monsoons by looking at the angry waves bashing up onto the rocks. The Worli Sea link is also called as the Rajiv Gandhi Sagar Setu which is found on the Worli Sea Face. Be it rich or poor this place is most favored by everyone in Mumbai. This place is also the well-known shooting location for many Bollywood movies.

  1. Marine Drive

Marines drive popularly known as queen’s necklace. Marine Drive is a 4km long stretch in South Bombay. It considered among the most picturesque location in Mumbai. It is called as Queen’s Necklace because the bird’s eye of this place resembles a royal necklace at night with the lights around it. This place is more lively in the evening when people come to gaze at the sunset and take a peaceful walk which heals all your tension. You will find the best chai and chaat here, which is like an add-on. Making this place the most adored ones by the tourist. Go ahead, book for you and your family a Mumbai to Chennai Flights ticket.

  1. The Goregaon Film City

This place is a house of well-equipped studios that has artificial gardens, lakes, rivers, hills, villages, and cities, that makes it really difficult to identify real from made up ones. The film city is like a fantasy world for the tourists. It is one of the biggest film set in India. You will be exposed to a lot of unreal things when you explore here in this so-called film city. You will show different snippets from Bollywood motion pictures, dubbing videos, and sound effects.

  1. Siddhivinayak Temple

Siddhivinayak Temple is a Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Shri Ganesha. It was built in 1801 which can accommodate thousands of devotees every single day. It is an embodiment of beauty and architecture. From Bollywood celebrities as well as other well-known figures climb up to the temple to seek blessings. In all other temples, Siddhi Vinayak is the most visited tourist places in Mumbai. This temple has been evolved from a very little place of worship to the grand temple that it stands today.

Mumbai is my heart, Bombay is my soul.

When are you planning to board your Chennai to Mumbai Flights?

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