Sailing Teams Get Busy In 2018 -19 Seasons

The women’s and co-ed sailing teams started off their 2018-19 seasons last weekend. They were dispersed to 4 distinct regattas across New England. As far as the Harry Anderson Trophy is concerned, the Bulldogs achieved 1st place at the host school in addition to 2nd at the Pine Trophy, 12th at Toni Deutsch Regatta and 10th at Mt. Hope Bay Invite.

The main highlight of the event held last weekend was the victory of the co-ed teams in the Harry Anderson Trophy. The Bulldogs made it to victory with skipper Shawn Harvey, Captain Nick Hernandez and crews Claudia Loiacono and Sonia Lingos-Utley.

Hernandez said he was happy with the team’s performance. There were several teams with high ranking, but the real challenge was to tackle the tricky windy weather condition. With high velocity and unpredictable change in directions, it was certainly not easy to perform.

However, the team did not give up and decided to take the risk of sailing. Both divisions had sailors sailing around 16 races in 2 days. Lingos Utley and Hernandez came in 4th in A division and Loiacono and Harvey won the B division. The Bulldogs achieved victory in 1st home regatta despite of the tough weather conditions.

Lingos Utley and Hernandez had to face a technical issue on the 2nd day of race. The strap that had attached Hernandez to the boat broke. The Bulldogs were represented by Martin Tipton and Alexandra Contomichalos in A division and Adam Wolnikowski and Kathleen Wells were in the B division.

The Elis managed to succeed in the 76th annual Pine Trophy, which is a keelboat event organized by the Coast Guard Academy. There was a mix of newcomers and veterans sent by Yale. Yale won 5 races out of 14 in two days. It was indeed a great season and sailors did enjoy their victory while the rest gained experience.

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