Thai Sailors Will Compete In The Para World Sailing Championships

Thailand is sending its sailors to take part in the Para World Sailing Championships. This is for the first time Thailand is sending the team with Paisal Pa-The and SuraphongChitkhong. Both the sailors are from Pattaya. They will head to Sheboygan in the USA to participate take part in the pre-event sailing clinic. It will be followed by the World Championships that will take place from 18 – 22 September.

“For sailing, this is a special moment in Thailand. Thailand has never sent any sailors to the Para World Sailing Championships and because of this move, the disabled Sailing Thailand is very proud. Our Thai sailors have been undergoing training with coaches at Royal Varuna Yacht Club in Pattaya.

The Para Sailing in Thailand is very young at the time and this is its early days. Therefore, the clinic ahead of World championship is an excellent opportunity for sailors who are taking part in the championship. With this clinic, they will learn more about the sailing skills, tackle the catamaran vs yacht debate and for sure this World Championships will be the kind of experience that they will never forget.” commented, the Founder of Disabled Sailing Thailand, Peter Jacops.

In the year 2015, the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) chose to drop the sailing sport from the Paralympics of year 2020 and it was this decision that leads to the Disabled Sailing Thailand, founding that aims to make the sport accessible to people who have any kind disabilities will ultimately support the reentry of sailing in the Paralympics.

Jacob further added that “We are working with the World Sailing closely and they really supportive. They are helping all the way from sending sailors from Thailand to the USA to take part in the World Championships of this year.”

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