The New Town Quarter of Prague

The Nové Město or the New Town quarter of Prague as it is popularly known, is the unrivaled tourism destination within the Czech capital. It is considered almost 3 times larger than the Staré Město or the Old Town and boasts a plethora of attractions. Nové Město was founded in the early 12th century, about 1348 by King Charles IV. The architectural style at the time was dominantly baroque and/or gothic, and it was the more common design for churches and chapels at the time. Today there are only a handful of such buildings that remain from this period, as the massive expansion of the town happened around the 16th century in the mid-1700s where some were replaced.

Major Tourist Attractions

The most iconic landmark in the Nové Město has to be the Wenceslas Square, which is considered to be the center of tourism and commerce. Because most of the historical events in the earlier 17th to 19th centuries occurred here, it has become a traditional spot for national celebrations, demonstrations, and public gatherings among other things. Some of the other historical attractions within the New Town include:

National Museum

Charles Square

Town Hall


Church of Saint Ignatius

The Faust House

Nonexistent Chapel of Holy Blood or Corpus Christi

National Theatre

Národní třída or National Avenue

Art NouveauObecní dům or Municipal House

Powder Tower

The Church of Saints Cyril and Methodius

The Emmaus Monastery

Panna Marie Snežna Cathedral

State Opera

The Dancing House

TheŽofín Palace

Night Life

Apart from all the history that is bound to the architectural marvels of the Czech capital during the day, there is also an enticing side to its nightlife. The New Town throbs with life at night, where various tunes of dance music and techno emanate from the speakers, to create a club paradise. Flashing neon lights, well-fashioned ladies, and perfectly groomed men, who are looking to have a good time, is every party freaks dream that happens in Prague. The New Town, being relative ‘younger’ amongst all the sections of the capital city has expanded, to accommodate new skyscrapers, lofts, condominiums, and lounges. All these are part of why the nightlife in the Nové Město is vibrant and youthful. If you are looking to unwind casually before heading over to a nightclub, you can try out the various spots dotting the Vltava river, all known for the glare during the golden sunsets. These are spots to have a quiet evening as you sip on a beer or an ale of your choosing. The area around the Charles Bridge is particularly recommended because it has a sublime view of some portions of Prague. After dusk, you can then pick from the dozens of nightclubs for an adventurous night in Prague. Honestly, beer in the New Town is considered to be cheaper than water, and there is no harm if you decide to stroll holding a beer-can, something of which is a common sight here. It is, truly a party destination, and you can check out some of the alluring night party packages for an adventurous night in Prague.

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