The various essential aspects of a road trip

The United States 50 states, 9,826,675 km2 of area, and 6,506,204 km of roads, so we guessed it, traveling by car is not an option and the rental remains an easy and relatively inexpensive way with a little organization and some good advice. Which license to present? Which model to choose? In order to roam about the country you may always avail for the cheap car rental in Orlando.

A short guide to choosing the best instrument for your American road trip

Choose your rental car and other formalities. Where to rent a car? You’re spoiled for choice between US- based car rental agencies and Europe-based brokers. Most of the renters offer attractive promotions, so you can check their website regularly. It is strongly recommended to compare prices, especially on sites such as:

  • Car Hire
  • Holidays Auto

When to rent a car?

In general, it is not advisable to rent your car at the airport, because the convenience has a cost: the prices are higher and the wait is longer. If in addition, it is a bit nerve because of 12h flight and the neighbor who played the elbow.

Which rental options?

Generally, the renter tries to sell you some additional options, such as multi-risk insurance, 2nd driver or even satellite radio. It can also persuade you to live your American “trip ” to the full by renting a coupe for you and your family, a truck when you measure 158 centimeters or a convertible for a ride in the Valley of Death. If you are a wind vane or your indoor GPS is failing, consider renting the small box. You can also bring your own GPS in your luggage, provided you have downloaded the map North America.

The little notes at the bottom of the contract

Ask for the unlimited kilometers package, so as not to get stuck 2 km from the hotel, for fear of exceeding the limit. Similarly, some agencies include a clause that you cannot get out of the state in which you rented the car. Just check the charges if you want to drive Route 66, and make your car in another state. The agency may charge you “abandonment fees and it’s your bank account that will not like America. Curly belt, retro fitted and horses under the hood, the adventure begins.

Find the cheapest petrol near you

You must also be careful to return your vehicle with the required amount of fuel. If you have taken it with the full one, it is necessary to return it with the full one. Avoid choosing the option let the rental agency refuel because they invariably put nectar that costs you the eyes of the head.

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