To Have or To Rent?

Having or renting a scuba gear can only be determined by the frequency of your scuba adventures. Whether you explore shallow waters or delve deeper into trenches, holes and crevices, your decision on having your gear solely depends on your decisions. This article can explain both the benefits of owning or renting scuba gear, which will somehow help you in your decision-making.


Scuba gears require a lot of consideration when it comes to money matters. But if you plan on diving frequently, buying yourself a scuba gear is better in the long run. The following are the possible benefits you could have if you own a scuba gear:

  • Save money

Buying a gear would surely be costly but you’ll be able to save more, avoiding rentals in diving stores when traveling.

  • Perfect fit

Considering that your body shape doesn’t always change, having your scuba gear will save your time to look for a scuba suit and other equipment that will suit you. You can also choose a customized design or wear the design that you like to enhance your diving experience.

  • Less fitting, more diving

Of course, you won’t be able to waste your day looking for a design and size that would fit you. With much time before you go swimming with the fishes, properly wearing your gear can enhance safety and comfort when you start diving. Comfort is essential especially those who are newly immersed in the water (after scuba diving lessons) with marine creatures surrounding them because it would help them adapt faster with the underwater environment when they are comfortable.


Owning a gear can be pricey when you don’t plan on diving often. So it isn’t a good choice to buy one for yourself given that your money might go to waste for the maintenance of your equipment without using them often. Below are the benefits you can probably have when you rent scuba gears:

  • Maintenance not required

You won’t be able to think about maintaining your gear into good shape for the next use. Diving rental shops make sure that their rental gears are in good shape. They have staff who makes sure that every equipment is in good condition before they rent it to you.

  • Less baggage to bring while traveling

If your main purpose for traveling is solely for leisure and entertainment with fewer plans going underwater, it is best to look for good diving gear rental shops and rent your gear instead of bringing extra baggage for your equipment. This will not only give you a hassle during travel, but also cost money for those extra, heavy bags for your equipment.

A-1 is the Store for You

A-1 Scuba & Travel offers equipment for scuba diving which you can both own and rent. They offer a variety of gears from suit to tubes and tanks which you can choose to have for your own. They have professionals to help you find what you desire and help you fit the most comfortable suits fitted for you. Their rentals are properly maintained by professional scuba divers and staff to make sure there are no problems when you go diving. They can also help you find the best match for you to be able to save you time rummaging around for your fit.

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