Travel insurance for seniors- Why do You Need to Buy One?

Selecting an overseas travel insurance plan can be a bit confusing and tiring affair for senior citizens. However, overseas travel insurance is critical especially for old age people. To be keep your international travels a bon voyage affair, a lot of research is needed to include right mix of plan features/ benefits so that you are not caught off guard emotionally and financially upon facing a sudden medical or non-medical event.

Pricing of Travel Insurance

For obvious reasons, seniors travel insurance is priced high as old age is more susceptible to risk of health issues. It may add a significant amount to the pricing if you wish to cover pre-existing health conditions. As seniors have more chances of needing medical facilities and assistance, travel insurance premiums are priced high.

Age Bracket

While searching travel insurance for seniors, you may have to select age bracket as per your age since premiums vary accordingly.

Pre-existing Medical conditions

It is always advisable to opt for a travel insurance plan that covers pre-existing medical conditions. While choosing one, go through the list of covered pre-existing medical conditions and explicitly declare if you have one. You may have to undergo pre-policy medical examination, so factor in the time to be spared for the same while planning your travel. Your travel insurance premium may be increased based on the medical report depending on the risk assessed by the insurance provider.

Claim Settlement

In the event of any medical or non-medical emergency, you may be required to contact and inform the insurance provider within stipulated time to initiate claim settlement process. Failing to do so may lead to a claim denied. So read carefully through your plan document. You may also have to provide medical certificate and other related documents for claim settlement. As medical costs abroad can be huge, you have to keep all the required documentation organized as you would not want your claim to be denied.

While applying for Travel Insurance

Once you have identified a travel insurance plan, you need to be careful while filling out details. Spend extra time to double check the details asked and the details filled in by you. Fields like period of cover, mode of travel, geographical areas should be legibly fill up. For instance, if you intend to embark on a cruise liner during your travel, be specific with details. If you are supposed to travel to or through geographical areas declared as war risk areas, you may need to include War Risk coverage rider to your plan or look for a plan that offers such coverage.


On some of the benefits, you may have to pay up an excess. An excess is the amount that plan holder has to pay while claiming the coverage. You may refer to the plan details for same.

Considering the importance of travel insurance for seniors, it is worth an effort to search for a comprehensive travel insurance plan that offers you 24×7 medical emergency helpline. Moreover, you would want your overseas travel to be a peaceful affair.

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