Travel tips to travel all around the world

Every trip you make, in addition to the enjoyment of the trip, offers you countless experiences that, if you handle properly and book on one end of your mind, will make your next trips better and without any unexpected. What are the small details that, according to experienced travelers, make the difference and the journey … dreamy!

Make sure you have coverage for emergency medical emergencies and care. Confirmed that the destination you are traveling is covered by your insurance. Think still if you are security for luggage loss or theft and travel cancellations.

Ask what all these unknown things you read in the restaurant menu are and prepare your stomach for a gastronomic adventure.

Do not be disappointed if you do not find a table at the “hot” restaurant. You can always sit in the bar and enjoy the menu. Let that’s how you ask local bartenders about the destination!

Try to attend a great event at the country you are visiting. For example, if you are visiting Indonesia, try to attend to any of the great events of MICE Bali. It will be an unforgettable experience.

Check out museum and restaurant functions before you visit them. For example, many museums are closed on Mondays; do not disturb your program because you cannot visit your favorite museum.

Be prepared for something to bend. Even the well-organized journey can be shaken in the air by a bad weather or a strike. Have a backup plan ready and remember that spins create the best stories.

If you are planning an exotic adventurous trip, make sure you have a water filter that fits all the taps and bottles. Unlike iodine tablets, the filter works instantly and does not affect the taste of the water.

Leave your company for a while and do something for yourself. So you will have some personal time and at the same time you will get new “material” to share later with your company.

Always have small kits of basic pharmaceuticals: from antihistamines and aspirins to sunscreen and patches.

You should follow hotel loyalty programs and loyal customer programs. In the long run you will be rewarded with free stays or room upgrade.

Have a portable battery with you to charge your cell phone during the day, especially if you use your camera!

Apply the layering technique to your clothes. Unless you travel to Alaska so you’ll probably need thick coats, take better and more delicate outfits that you’ll take above each other.

Send a message to friends and loved ones, especially if you are preparing for dangerous journeys and lonely explorations!

Hold the room rate in a hotel when booking by phone or live. Most likely, you will get a better price or you will learn about any offers.

Avoid parking your car in the hotel parking area: usually in large cities the cost can increase the room rate by 20%.

Do not overload your program. You will be anxious because you stayed behind and you did not get to see all the sights. So what;

Roll your clothes when you pack. You save too much space in your suitcase and avoid the wrinkles.

Put a scarf on your suitcase or your backpack to make it stand out among the other luggage.

Read about the customs of the place you visit. Learn everything about clothes, photos, gestures – everything you will need to be challenging and unparalleled.

Make sure your passport and visa are valid before traveling. Some countries require you to travel at least six months before your passport expires.

Take notes or even better, calendar. Write the details and highlights of the trip, the strange people you met, your favorite places. It’s unbelievable how much you’ll forget a few days later.

Photocopy your passport and insurance documents and keep the copies elsewhere from the originals. You can also the documents, send them to yourself, and save them offline.

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