Trip to Los Angeles: Everything You Should Know About Car Rental

None can argue that the most desirable thing in our life is emotions and impressions. It is because of them we go to the edge of the world and are even ready to spend a lot of time and money.

Therefore, coming on vacation to the luxurious cinematic Los Angeles, we are waiting for something special, bright and memorable. So, what will make our vacation different from others? The first is the hotel. After all, acquaintance with the city begins namely with the hotel. The second, without which it is simply impossible to spend your vacation in California, is Car Parts Volvo XC60.

It is true that car rental in California is a bit like a lottery. You can never be sure that you will be given exactly that model you chose on the site (if you book online in advance).

The base price that the site gives out should not be misleading: it usually includes VAT, minimum insurance and unlimited mileage, but not additional fees. Most likely, you will have to pay extra money for rent at the airport, buy extra insurance, pay a fee for exceeding the mileage if the mileage is limited, the cost of gasoline, car washing, road fees, possible fines – and that is a real price. Choose a reliable company and thoroughly study the terms of the hiring.

As a rule, cars are rented with a full tank of gasoline, and they should also be returned with a full tank. If suddenly you did not have time to refuel and give the car back with an empty or half-empty tank, then you have to pay a significant amount of money: the distributor pours gasoline at its own rates. Therefore, with a view of economy it is necessary to fill the tank at the gas station immediately before returning.

Insurance – this is perhaps the most important point of booking. Basic insurance (usually included in the car rental price) includes insurance against accidents, theft, fire and civil liability insurance. As a rule, the franchise is registered in insurance. Pay attention that the basic insurance does not include damage to the windows, wheels, interior, roof and bottom of the car. To avoid any troubles, you can buy full insurance, which includes all types of damage.

Refueling stations in general are not along the route itself, but at the exits. Try not to refuel them; the prices are very different from the city. On the road, the premium gasoline costs 4.37 dollars per gallon, and the price in the city averaged 2.70 – 2.90 per gallon.

Moreover, we advise you not to drive the car during peak hours and avoid the 405th track. This may seem obvious, but this is the first and most important rule for traveling to Los Angeles. Whatever you do and wherever you hurry, avoid the roads from about 7:30 to 9:30 and from 15:30 to 19:30 every working day.

So, we come closer to the question of choosing the most profitable car. Hence, the most budgetary options for traveling around Los Angeles are cars with low fuel consumption, but at the same time possessing good functionality. Here with cheap car rental in Los Angeles you can take Volkswagen Polo, Peugeot 308 Hdi, Peugeot 107, Volkswagen Passat, Toyota and Prius Hybrid, Nissan Qashqai and Chevrolet Spark. Car rental in Los Angeles is available to people who are 20 years old. There are companies that provide their hiring services only to people who have reached the age of 21.

Have a good journey and relax at full!

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