Turn a Dinner Party into an Elegant Evening with Your Wife by Renting a Ferrari

You are an American and you and your wife are visiting in Dubai. You are scheduled to attend a dinner party in a couple of days and you want to surprise your wife by renting a Ferrari for the evening – turn this into an elegant evening. What do you do?

Where to rent

OneClickDrive.com is UAE’s portal that brings all the leading car rental companies’ together in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and other emirates. This is where you can rent Ferrari in Dubai.

Conditions and documents

Booking is required 2 days in advance. Since you are from the United States, you need a copy of valid International driving license, copy of visa, copy of Passport and you need to be 23 years of age. The maximum miles each rental day is 186 miles per day, with $2.72 per mile over. Rental per days is around 900 in US dollars with a deposit around 1400 in US dollars that is refundable but will be blocked on your credit card. Yes, it is a fancy car, you are in Dubai – so it is expensive. But there are no Toll charges – these are free. You will be able to pickup or drop off anywhere in Dubai.

Prices vary

The prices were vital when the .com was published but they might have changed – so you need to verify that before you sign anything. You will have your choice of any Ferrari from their three collections. The white 458 Spider comes highly recommended.Rent a Ferrari 488 Spider in Dubai @ 10% off.

Call to reserve

So, start now by calling and reserving your Ferrari – it can be delivered to you at your hotel and that will save on your mileage per day limit. This is a wonderful car to drive.

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