The pink city of India – Jaipur is a city that’s full of surprises (Pleasant ones…). It has different shades during different times of the day and to watch its glory at all times needs you to be a real sport! If you’re a travel lover and love to travel to explore the glory of different places you visit, Jaipur is a total package we must say! While it hosts aristocratic and historic shade in the morning with its glorified buildings, architecture and delicate interiors of the palatial buildings, it has much more than that during the night! You’re in for a surprise if you book Jaipur travel packages and here’s what not to miss when visiting Jaipur in the night! Here’s a peek into the night life of this majestic city! Read on!

1) Party hard in the discotheques

If you’re thinking Jaipur is a city of historical importance and thus is quiet and composed at nights, you’re wrong. The night life in Jaipur is as interesting as the night life in any other metro city. There are several discotheques in Jaipur hosting DJ parties till late nights. So after seeing the glory of Jaipur in her buildings in the day, you can always visit these discotheques at nights and party hard!

2) Sophisticated lounges and Restaurants to those who don’t like to party hard

If you don’t want to hit the discotheques in the night and want to simply enjoy memorable moments with your loved ones, Jaipur won’t disappoint you. This city has the most luxurious and sophisticated lounges and restaurants where you can spend memorable moments with your dear ones. Take cabs in Jaipur form Royal Taxi Cabs

3) Go Desi with the local Rajasthani folk dance

There is a list of restaurants and hotels that throw a night party to all its guests by playing the famous Rajasthani folk music to which the local folks tap their feet upon! It’s something that you can see only in the state of Rajasthan in its most authentic flavor. If you don’t want to enjoy it at a restaurant, you can also visit the local Dhabas of Rajasthan that will almost at all times have such local dancing parties!

4) The shopping streets be the best in the nights

Visiting the famous shopping lanes of Jaipur is a great way of spending night in Jaipur. The shopping streets are filled with desi handicraft items. Alongside the streets, you can also taste the yummiest local Rajasthani chats that’ll leave your mouths watering.

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