Why to Choose Kerala for Yoga Teacher Training?

Summary: Understand why Kerala is a suitable destination for Yoga teacher training program while going through this blog.

A land that has contributed immensely to the making of India’s spiritual history, Kerala is an ecstatic escapade for Yoga experience in the southern Malabar coast of India. Over the year, the Indian state has emerged as a favorable Yoga hub for those seeking authentic education. Thousands of students aspire to enjoy Yoga study in Kerala and become an internationally-acclaimed Yoga teacher. There are a number of reasons why Kerala is famous for Yoga education including its luscious vegetation, rich spiritual heritage, outstanding beaches.

If you are planning to come to Kerala and have a great yogic experience, here are some of the finest things you should expect.

Kerala is a traditional Yoga hub

In the history of Yoga, Kerala finds a special mention, along with the world Yoga capital Rishikesh. Kerala’s culture is ideally rooted in the principle of spiritual enlightenment. Being the mother of Ayurvedic science, the South Indian state has traditionally been very close to Yoga and spirituality. One of the major reasons why Yoga lovers find Kerala a perfect Yoga site is the traditional closeness of this place to the ancient science. People can be seen practicing Yoga everywhere and such scenes inspire you to take your training in a serious way. Also, with enormous Yoga crowd, you will have the opportunity to make friends with people from different culture, faith, and language, enhancing your overall outlook of the world.

Yoga in God’s own country is an unparalleled experience

Owing to the astonishing climate that remains equable throughout the year and scintillating natural beauty, Kerala is regarded as God’s Own Country. The soulful experience of practicing the spiritual science of Yoga in an atmosphere that wins the heart of practitioners is something that cannot be defined with pen and paper. While the astonishing weather provokes you to fall in love with Yoga, Kerala’s breathtaking beaches, picturesque waterfalls, and spectacular mountains will hold you and your attention towards the sacred land. Amidst the purity-emanating Periyar rives and the pleasing Kerala waters, witness your immersion into the vast yogic ocean with a Yoga TTC in Kerala.

A perfect blend of Yoga and Ayurveda

Kerala is the biggest Ayurveda center in the world and is proclaimed as the global hub of Ayurveda education. In addition to the traditional form of Yoga, you will be getting acquainted with the purest knowledge of Yoga’s sister science, Ayurveda. Almost all the Yoga schools in Kerala includes the education of this ancient medicinal system in their programs. You have the freedom to ask for a specific type of Ayurveda treatment while you attend a Yoga teacher training in Kerala. Introduce yourself to a wide range of herbal medicines during an Ayurveda session in a Yoga TTC in Kerala.

Training from the world’s finest instructors

India, being the birth land of spiritual enlightenment, is home to some of the greatest Yoga teachers in the world. In Kerala, a number of Yoga instructors have walked on the path of finding complete wisdom in life since the yogic era. After Rishikesh, Kerala holds the reputation of accommodating the most number of time-served Yoga Gurus on the planet. A Yoga training program in Kerala is an opportunity to nurture your soul in the shadow of some of the highly learned yogic brains. Spend some quality time with masters of this spiritual science to understand this world with yogic eyes. Go deeper in search of life’s truth by spiritual means with a Yoga program in Kerala.

The purest form of Yoga knowledge in Kerala

Most of the Yoga aspirants seeking the knowledge of the most authentic yogic discipline find India as their dream destination. Having been associated with this ancient knowledge for many centuries and eras, Kerala offers the most traditional education in the field of Yoga. Hatha Yoga is the primary mode of education, while Meditation, Pranayama, Adjustment and Alignment, etc. are taught in the way mentioned in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. Unlike most of the places outside the Indian Subcontinent, where Yoga is thought to be a physical exercise, Kerala celebrates Yoga as a way of life and its teachings are delivered during Yoga training programs in detail.

Set your foot on the sacred soil of Kerala and witness the blissful serenity of its rich culture, history, yogic heritage, and many more amazing things.

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